Pugpaws' FAQ

                                                   Hello, and welcome to our FAQ page,

The average price range for a Reg'd pug could vary with each breeder. I have seen some go for $900. right up to $2500. The most common price is around $1200cdn.. for a pet and a little more for breeders.

They come in golden fawn, silver fawn, apricot and black with a black mask and ears and black trace along the back. Their coat is fine, smooth, short and glossy. These dogs tend to shed alot as well.
*They will require brushing at least twice a week.
*Their eyes / face should be washed daily or at least two or three times a week. *The roll over their nose should be cleaned on a regular bases. I find every 2nd day is fine.

*Pugs are a very laid back type of pet. They are loyal, affectionate. quite and docile. They do have a good habit of sleeping most of the time/day, but when they are awake they can entertain you with their love and affection including their "Pug skuttle" (tail tucked between their legs and run like the wind).

*Do not except a puppy under 8 weeks of age. As they are still a little young and weaning may not be fully achieved. You will find any pup 8 weeks and older are excellent to work with.

*Being a dog that lives to please and loves attention always makes an excellent family pet and is very good with children. Providing the children are taught to treat the dog with gentleness and respect you will not have any problems with the dog accepting children.
The pug will take to being with other dogs and cats if they are introduced and taught to accept them as family. In general pugs are not an aggressive animal. If the animal is aggressive then it is of concern and should be looked into.

*The pug adapts to its surroundings very well and quite fast as they are not a shy dog and pretty much take things as it comes. If shown love they are happy and will accept anything.

*Pugs do have a mind of their own and can get stubborn when they want to, but I find training the pug to be quite easy as they are very eager to please their owners from paper training to outside training. They respond exceptionally well to basic training but needs a gentle hand. If using treats as a reward for outside toilet training, only use that treat for that one purpose, as the dog will associate the treat to his toilet training outside.

*Most pugs like outside though they are not an extreme hot weather animal and could have a heat stroke pretty fast. Any temperature over 80* is not recommended for them, but at the same time if the animal has grown up being outside a lot, The body will build up to accepting the temperature and its not quit as harsh for them. ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD SUPPLY OF WATER FOR THE DOG/PUP WHEN OUTSIDE AT ALL TIMES. For the winter weather some dogs can take the cold while others can't. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PUG OUTSIDE UNATTEND IN THE WINTER MONTHS. Always take precaution as their little feet freeze very fast and afterwards is very painful for your precious pet. They will even appreciate a warm jacket and a pair of boots for those cold days outside.

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