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This puppy/dog is a purebred and will be reg'd with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), using Seller prefix. "PugPaws"

Puppy/dog is to be paid in full (minus previously paid deposit) in CASH on or before the puppy leaves the Seller's Premises.

The health of this puppy is excellent to the best of my knowledge and belief at the time of sale.All precaution has been taken that all pups are clean and in good health before leaving breeder. This puppy has had the appropriate inoculations . There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, immunity level, mange mites, pneumonia,  heatstroke, ringworm,  fleas, ticks, ear infections, allergies,  These  are not covered by this health guarantee.

Pups are free from any communicable diseases,apparent wounds or injuries except as noted.

Buyer is to complete the set of inoculations.

Note : takes up to two weeks for the vaccine to start to work, Do not travel around with your pup, visiting, places where other pets may be. etc:  till then  take precaution  as they could  still contract the disease. Our guarantee will not cover this if it should happen.

Pup will be micro-chipped before leaving seller and will be reg'd with 24Petwatch free of charge. 

No puppy will be replaced due to failure to obtain proper veterinarian care. A licensed veterinarian must examine all puppies within 72 hours from time of purchase for any guarantee to be valid. Notification of vet results are required inorder to activate health guarantee. As stated below in the Health Guarantee.

The above named puppy is SOLD AS "PET QUALITY"  and family member and is NOT sold for breeding , no guarantee is made as to conformation, size or colour and is not sold for breeding. A CKC non-breeding contract will be signed at the time of sale.

When conformation with letterhead has been received from a licensed Veterinarian to the  Seller that the puppy/dog has been spayed or neutered. Only then will the Seller transfer registration to Buyer.  Any female that is altered after the 6 months of age verification is all so  required that no litter has ever been whelped at time of surgery.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for care of this puppy, The Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless from and against any and all liabilities, demands, claims, causes of action and damages.

***HEALTH GUARANTEE***: This puppy/dog is guarantee for one (1) year from date of birth for Congenital/Hereditary defects meaning:  a problem that will not allow the pup to grow or age to a normal life expectancy. At the expense of the Buyer, this puppy/dog must be taken to a licenced Veterinarian for a thorough examination within three (3)(   ) days or as both parties agreed upon from the time of purchase or receipt of puppy, for the guarantee to be valid. Veterinarian results are to be sent to the breeder by email,.Failure to do so VOIDS  Health Guarantee.


Breeder is not responsible or liable for vet fees, of any sort incurred after leaving breeders. Except what's stated in the guarantee below.

The seller MUST be notified immediately after the examination of vet results and if any congenital defect(s) ( Congenital defect meaning:  a problem that will not allow the pup to grow or age to a normal life expectancy)  The puppy MUST be returned to the seller along with a signed statement from a veterinarian stating the problem and treatment recommended. If this occurs, Seller agrees to a replacement puppy of equal quality. Puppy will be replaced ONLY the one time. (at the discretion of the Seller).

Buyer pays all shipping involved in obtaining a replacement puppy. Obtaining should mean that they return the "defective" puppy in order to receive another.

Resale :(Pet contract): If buyer is unable to keep the dog in question  and has found a new home for the dog, The Breeder(Seller) is to be notified of the new replacement home. We will all so  help to place the dog in a new home.

NOTE: This applies to  human health , Owner  illness and death of the owner. All else does not apply.

REMEMBER owning a puppy / dog like any other pet is a responsibility and a  commitment for the life of the pet.

PURCHASER MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: The dog MUST be given at least an annual checkup by a veterinarian, and be given the full set of annual booster vaccinations recommended by him. A photo would be appreciated being sent to the Seller at One (1) year from date of sale or sooner  to be used for advertising proposes.

NON-BREEDING CONTRACT: All puppies are sold with a CKC non-breeding contract, Buyer agrees to take all measures necessary to ensure that puppy is not mated. This dog will be sold under the terms of the Canadian Kennel Club's (CKC) Non- Breeding agreement which the Buyer agrees to sign, which shall be signed by the Buyer before the puppy will be registered with the CKC. Buyer will provide a copy / conformation of spayed/neuter certificate to the breeder Pugpaws before the registration certificate is given to Buyer. The dog is to be spayed/neutered by the age of six (6) months or younger. If altered after 6 months verification is required for ALL females  as proof  of  never being bred.

The buyer will be responsible for any and all costs including court fees involved in enforcing this agreement including obtaining the (CKC) Canadian Kennel Club reg'd papers, In the Renfrew Ontario court system (where purchase was made),

We the under signed agree to, and consider this contract as a legally binding document in the court of law.

I have read the terms of this contract above, and by my signature, agree to the terms there in.

Signatures of purchaser:___________________________


Signature of breeder:________________________________


Deposit (non-refundable):______________

     Buyers/Puppy               Contract

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