** DEPOSITS  GAURANTEE you your  choice of  pup, It is  Non-refundable,
 ONLY if i can not supply a pup of choice  is it then refundable.


We are a small family breeder in eastern Ontario providing purebred healthy pug puppies for you and your families’ enjoyment and pleasure.  

We take great pride and enjoyment in bringing you a well socialized, excellent tempered, loving pet. One that is sure to please you for a very long time.

Our Pugs range from 15-18 pounds. We have beautiful apricot, fawn, black and silver. We do not breed our females more then once a year, as they are not only breeders, but our family pets as well. We aim to keep our females in good condition, as being pregnant takes a lot out of the body.

Take a browse through our site and drop us a line. Let us know what you think of our pugs or maybe we can entice you into wanting one of our precious pets 

"The PUG is proof that God has a sense of humour" by Margot Kaufman, a whole lot of dog in one small package. They will entertain you and put you in stitches with their antics and love you to the end.
 Puppy must be paid in full prior to obtaining puppy,   on the appointed day,     

Our pups are ideal for those seeking a small breed of dog, that is still fairly rare and unique,  This breed will be your best friend and fiercest protector. Unlike other small breeds, the Pug is not prone to indiscriminate barking and is a robust, strong breed, suitable for children.

We often get asked about the grooming. Well, with dogs, you either deal with shedding, or get a non-shedding breed and bare the cost of getting them professionally groomed at great expense. These dogs are thankfully, are low maintenance dogs. Our dogs are bathed 1x every 6 weeks and with regular brushing the shedding is reduced.

These dogs do suffer in extremes in temperature. They should not be left without a cool, shaded area with plenty of water and minimal exercise in summer. In winter, they should not be left outside for great lengths and a warm sweater or doggy coat is recommended. You can learn more about the breed at: http://www.akc.org/breeds/recbreeds/pug.cfm.

We will offer our buyers not only a loving, beautiful companion, but an intelligent, healthy, quality puppy that will be your "ideal" pet as well as ours.

In our belief, good people deserve good pets, no matter where they live, we have ship by jet, all across Canada and the  USA  by this method, with great results. Shipping is usually $120-180cdn 

We at PugPaws are all ways here to answer your question, if you wish to be considered for our upcoming litter please feel free to mail us to see what we may have for you.

Please feel free to check us out with the CKC(Canadian Kennel Club) for verification of good standing order.
Our home is located near Renfrew, Ontario, About 1 hour west of Ottawa.

We  ship by jet for those that require the service. Shipping is extra.

Health and temperament is our priority. The pups are very  well socialized and have excellent temperament as we raise all pups in our home so you get a well adjusted pup.  A few of our pugs are of champion bloodline .

All  of our  beautifull  Pug pups are all sold as PETS  ONLY.  

If you are interested in owning one or our lovely puppies please feel free to email me anytime or check out our present puppy page for available pups.

Deposits are non-refundableplease contact us prior to sending a deposit  to ensure we have a puppies available, Deposits are for holding / guarantee buyer a pup of your choice. If we don't have a pup of your choice and wish to be put on our puppy list please request it.


we are not a store open to public 9-5, nor a production kennel. Just people that love dogs specially pugs. Visitations are made to suit all  potential puppy buyers.
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